History of MUNC
MUNC originated as the Columbia Basin Model Security Council Continuing Committee (CBMSCCC), an informal group of Model United Nations teams in the Portland-Salem area. CBMSCCC's members were Clark College; Lewis & Clark College; Linfield College; Reed College; Western Oregon University; and Willamette University. Conferences were sporadic at first, but gradually developed into twice-annual simulations of the United Nations, with "summits" of 2-4 hours in length held at each conference to determine the host of the next conference. Differences in rules of procedure used at conferences led to a conference-long meeting of head delegates and faculty advisors during the Spring 2004 conference at Clark College. In addition to determining that rules sets would be similar to either MUN of the Far West or National Model United Nations (most teams used one of these as their large end-of-year conference and the MUNC conferences to prepare them for one of them), they adapted the name of the group from CBMSCCC to Model United Nations of Cascadia (MUNC).

Meetings were historically run informally, but as the group expanded with the addition of Western Washington University; Seattle University; and the University of Washington, there was a need for earlier and more expansive communication, so at the Fall 2005 conference, hosted by Willamette University, the group established the position of MUNC Chair and elected a Chair for the next conference and summit, a process which continues until today alongside the endorsement process for the next conference's host team. In 2009, the processes were clarified further through the adoption of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which helped define MUNC's processes and procedures and institutionalize this knowledge for future team leaders.

MUNC Leadership
Term Conference / Summit Host MUNC Chair (Name) MUNC Chair (School)
Winter / Spring 2018
Sapphire Dorfman Western Oregon University
Fall 2017 UW / WWU (Joint Bid) Sam Schultheis Seattle University
Winter / Spring 2017 WOU / WWU (Joint Bid)
Fall 2016 UW / WWU (Joint Bid) Sarah Brenden University of Washington
Winter / Spring 2016 Lewis & Clark College Julianna Jackson Western Washington University
Fall 2015 UW / WWU (Joint Bid) Samantha Tigner University of Puget Sound
Winter / Spring 2015 Lewis & Clark College James Eccles Clark College
Fall 2014 UW / WOU / WWU (Joint Bid) Athen Nguyen University of Washington
Winter / Spring 2014 - (Joint Bid) Keira Alkema Western Washington University
Fall 2013 L&C / UW / WWU (Joint Bid Jesse Barnett Western Washington University
Winter / Spring 2013 L&C / Clark (Joint Conference) Tori Bishop University of Washington
Fall 2012 L&C / UW / WWU (Joint Conference) John Gilbert Seattle University
Winter / Spring 2012 Seattle University Morgan Deters Lewis & Clark College
Fall 2011 University of Washington Neil Rotta University of Washington
Winter / Spring 2011 Lewis & Clark College Jazmyn Li Willamette University
Fall 2010 University of Washington Tyler Doyle Seattle University
Winter / Spring 2010 Western Oregon University Jason Clopper Western Washington University
Fall 2009 UW / WWU (Joint Conference) Brandon Harris Western Oregon University
Winter / Spring 2009 Willamette University Sasha Sleiman Western Washington University
Fall 2008 University of Washington Alex Leeding Willamette University
Winter / Spring 2008 Oregon State University Jesse O'Neill Western Oregon University
Fall 2007 University of Washington Daniel Liu Reed College
Winter / Spring 2007 Seattle University Clay Eaton Lewis & Clark College
Fall 2006 Clark College Sameer Kanal University of Washington
Winter / Spring 2006 Seattle University Sameer Kanal Clark College